Wk15 the little caveboy who could

There once was a caveboy named Daniel.In the beginning of Daniels life he saw lots of dinosaurs everywhere.Daniel always wanted to tame a dinosaur but Daniels parents told him he couldn’t.Daniel tried everything he tried feeding them.Daniel tried shouting at them.Even though Daniel tried and tried he could never tame a big dinosaur.So one day Daniel tried a much smaller dinosaur.Daniel gave the dinosaur the fish he caught for his dinner.Daniel and his dinosaur went everywhere together.One day Daniel went outside and his dinosaur was giant.Daniel loved his dinosaur even more.one day Daniel went outside and his little well big dinosaur was dead Daniel cried everyday for two weeks straight.

5 thoughts on “Wk15 the little caveboy who could”

  1. Hi Caoilan loved your story great job ? My favourite so far . My favourite part was about the dinosaurs ?well done


  2. Good morning Caoilin – I’m pretty fond of dinosaurs so I was very pleased to read your story. I think if I was living in the time of dinosaurs I would want to have a dinosaur for a pet as well. It was rather clever that you made Daniel realize that he needed to start with a small dinosaur rather than wasting his time with the big ones. I’m glad he did get to have one as a pet even if it was sad when it died. Thank you for sharing.

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