WK15: The big bang

It was a normal day but they hadn’t ¬†even been invented yet. In the beginning, there was the Big Bang. It invented stars, galaxies, and the universe, 14 billion years ago. Just a few billion years ago, the Earth was finally born. Volcanic eruptions caused gases to escape, and form the atmosphere. Secondly, along came the dinosaurs. They were fierce, very very loud, and huge. It lasted for a long time, but then they all died. A couple of million years later, humans were born. Ever since, humans have been running the system, but who ever knows when we will perish.

5 thoughts on “WK15: The big bang”

  1. Hi Sean,

    I liked the way that you used the prompt to talk about the evolution of the earth. Your ideas are well linked and it flows well. The first sentence could be improved by telling your reader what “they” are. Keep up the good work!

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