WK14: Nike Hover Phone Project

Once, there was a normal, benevolent, caring man called Charlie and a irascible, courteous, wall-trained monkey called Cornet that worked for a illustrious brand called Nike. ( Cornet is Charlie’s adherent )

The next day, Charlie and Cornet had to make a Nike Hover Phone but Charlie was sick so he couldn’t come to work.

After that, Cornet had to work on the project on his own. The first time he tried to achieve it, he failed so he was very sullen that he nearly abdicated his job but he counted to tenĀ  then he decided to continue next week when Charlie will help him.

One week later, Charlie and Cornet accomplished the project and found out the secret in the Nike Hover Phone so the phone will be available in the year 3017.

3 thoughts on “WK14: Nike Hover Phone Project”

  1. Hi Fortune
    Thanks for commenting on my story so I did what you wanted me to do so I commented on yours
    I really enjoyed your story because it was quite funny.?
    Bye for now Marc
    Mrs Boyce class

  2. Hi Fortune,
    I enjoyed reading your story again this week. Well done!
    There’s good advice for all of us in your story – Never give up …especially when things are difficult.

    Happy Christmas to you, Mr Russell & all your classmates.
    I look forward to reading more of your adventures in 2018.
    Best Wishes.
    Mrs Boyce, ( Team 100wc)

  3. Hi Fortune
    Thanks for commenting on my story .
    The language you use is amazing .
    I really enjoyed reading your this year I will look forward to reading your storyes in the new year.
    Bye for now.
    From Mathew O’G

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