WK11: The creeps

Have you ever see something strange in the dark I have.The one I saw was in a robe or was it.There was two of them the slowly hovered to wards me.They say “help us” and I say “with what” he’s a monster they both say.Im puzzled they say ” look behind you” “emmm ok” AGH


.” Who’s that” “that’s you they both say” no it’s not yes it is well then does he like mayomaise “no” ok emmmm.But he’s moving towards me why.”RUN!” what I ask them “JUST RUN”! OK OK OMG.I need help he says i say with what “there’s a monster in front of me” my eyes up very wide he whispers “I need help”.

4 thoughts on “WK11: The creeps”

  1. Hi Adam i like the part when the things say look behind you it really creeped me out



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