WK11: Spyro and the dark golden queen

Once there was a little dragon all on his one just left on the street with nobody abandoned by his parents. Suddenly the president of the mythical world came and picked up the little dragon and said”poor little dragon I will name you Spyro you will be trained to be a Skylander protector of all the realms.But the president of the mythical world master eon did not tell Spyro about his ancestors. Spyro grew to be ┬ástrong and powerful and his friends joined him stealth elf,eruptor,jet vac and cinder until one day the golden queen broke out of her cell and insisted to battle the golden queen striker at Spyro striked back and the golden queen was destroyed.

3 thoughts on “WK11: Spyro and the dark golden queen”

  1. Hi Benjamin.
    I really liked your story it was so good you are clever of using a president . plus my favourite character is the dark golden queenht

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