WK11: The Scariest Night Ever

There is this weird statue in the park. But people didn’t know the mysterious tale of this statue.

The statue would mysteriously move around but as soon dawn breaks it turns back into a statue. 2 kids were outside at night in the park bulling a little boy. The statue was just waking  up from his slumber.

The bullies ran away but the boy stood still. ” I am not scared of you” said the boy. The statue screamed and the boy ran away.

The monster went on a rampage  destroying cars trees and even knocking down a school. Everybody found out about the statue by throwing it in acid the end.

3 thoughts on “WK11: The Scariest Night Ever”

  1. Hi Ben,
    I like your story because it is very interesting,
    I like the way you used a bit of dialogue but not too much,
    I wonder what did the boy do when he got home,\
    Goodbye for now,
    Mrs Boyce’s Class

  2. Hi Ben. I like the way you put the right punctuation in at the right places and also like the way he knocked down a school I just wish it was ours keep up the good work. From Peter

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