Wk10:The Overweight teacher With A Hairy Stomach and Small Head

On Monday the first day of school we had a very slim teacher called Johnny    Suddenly the  bell was about to ring all the student were happy.Then we so a huge fat hairy stomach everyone started to laugh one person said this he just like a pig the class stared saying oink oink the teacher look down at his stomach and saw it the bell rang the teacher went home and hid for the next day.The  teacher was in class eating a bunch of sweets the children was about to come in he said but were will I hide it all he put it all in his cupboard. The children came in and smelled sweets out of nowhere his shirt ripped people said his out of shape and a punch of sweets came out the teacher left the school and none saw him again.

5 thoughts on “Wk10:The Overweight teacher With A Hairy Stomach and Small Head”

  1. Great stort Collins I love the title of the story and I love the story too I wonder how many sweets the teacher had keep up the great work Collins

    -Ben Q

  2. Wow amazing story Collins that teacher is really fat. Probably obese but I hope not! The best part is when he ripped his shirt and the oink oink part.

    Excel mrrussellsclass

  3. Hi Collins. You have a unique take on the prompt this week. I’ve read lots and lots of stories about banks and robberies, but you’ve really thought outside the box for this one. I feel so sad for this poor teacher. His students don’t sound like very nice ones to me! I’m not surprised nobody saw him again. I don’t think I’d go back either..

  4. Hi Collins, thank you for sharing your writing, I think you enjoyed writing your story this week!
    I could imagine your character in a cartoon or as a comic strip!
    Keep writing and sharing. 🙂
    Mrs Tucker (100WC Team)
    Wirral, UK.

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