Wk10 The robbery

One day some scientists were making a time machine but little did they know it was fake. The real one had been stolen the night before. They did not know this of course so they carried on. They were finally done so they tested it. The thing is you can’t make a time machine without uranium. It kinda blew up. They all survived somehow and never tried it again. The thiefs names are Tommy and Timmy.They were in they’re van and were on the m50 going to Dublin.Timmy said but where would we hide it all?In the house you idiot

3 thoughts on “Wk10 The robbery”

  1. Hi Peter, thank you for sharing your writing with us this week.
    I read Collins’ story before yours, and I think you both have a cheeky sense of humour! I like the way your last line makes it look like you have a smart and a dumb character!
    Keep writing and sharing. 🙂
    Mrs Tucker (100WC Team)
    Wirral, UK.

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