Wk:10 The Robbers.

One day there was a bunch of robbers in a van, this was their getaway van for when they were finished. They were planning to steal the National Bank Of France, which holds millions of Euros. They went in with black bags and dark woolly masks, and in those bags were stickers and guns. They put the masks on, took out the guns, and stickers, pointed the guns at the employees, and carefully put the stickers on the cameras. They opened the safe and put all the money in the bags. They went to the getaway van, and drove away. They said ” but where will we hide it all.”? I guess we will never know.

4 thoughts on “Wk:10 The Robbers.”

  1. Great story Sean I like how you described what the robbers were wearing keep up the good work
    From Ben. C
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  2. As I was reading your story, I was wondering to myself what the stickers were for, but you described it all very well. Sounds like those bad boys can now afford a life of luxury from their ill gotten gain!

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