Wk10: Robin Banks

Hi my name is Robin Banks and I work in a bank.  On my first day of work we had a robbery and I saw the thief.  He looked very suspicious he had tight jeans, a long leather jacket and a grey woolly hat and it was the middle of summer.  I went outside to see where he was going and he was putting a big bag of money into a car.  He wasn’t alone he had a get away driver who was screaming “hurry up I can hear the police sirens.  I heard him say” but where will we hide it all?as they sped away.

4 thoughts on “Wk10: Robin Banks”

  1. Hello Ben,
    I like your story because it is very interesting,
    It reminds me of my story last week-https://mrsboycesclass.100wc.net/week-9-parallel-peter-naglis/
    Your sincerely Naglis
    Mrs Boyce’s Class

  2. Good story Ben I wonder if the robber will get caught. I really like the title of the story but I thought Robbin Banks was going to be the robber keep up the good writing

    From Ben.C
    Check out my story on mrrussellsclass.100wc.net

  3. Hi BENQ loved your story so much well done the best part about the story was about the leather jacket well done again


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