Wk/10 OJO go and bring my green shoes

One day in a African home. My mam said OJO go and bring my green shoes. Ok ma la la la. He brings in a pair of green shoes. My mam said OJO is that green in your eyes. He trough the shoes made a mess. Brought in more green shoes 3 pairs. 2 of them were not the ones. 1 was. She said to me thank you jarey ok ma he walked into the kitchen and screamed HAAAYH. All of the shoes were on the ground. He could not find a place to hide the shoes. HAAAYH. But were will we hide it all??????????

4 thoughts on “Wk/10 OJO go and bring my green shoes”

  1. Hi Bradley I like your story because it is really funny I mean ,Really funny.Keep up the good work!

    Sincerely Carrington

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