WK10: The Insects Who Steal Money

There was insects who like stealing money from big people banks aka humans the insects call them that because they talk so loud!! The name of the insects who like stealing money are Jess the butterfly and Mike the dragonfly they are the most wanted but people don’t no what they look like today they are going to steal money from the highest bank in Ireland  Mike said that were going to get some money yay said Jess let’s go said Mike they made it there let’s go in they got the money but where would we hide it all said Jess while they were thinking a cadet in training saw them with the money she captured them for good



6 thoughts on “WK10: The Insects Who Steal Money”

  1. Hi Alamin I like your story because its different it really cool because it’s an out of this world story.I like the part where they started the Roberry then they got arrested.Amazing work!

    Sincerely Carrington Waterford,Ireland

  2. Wow Al-Amin amazing story.I really like the story becsause Jess and Mike always want money hes kind of like my uncle. But anyways good story

    Excel mrrussellsclass

  3. Well done for entering this week’s 100WC. What a great idea you have had to use the prompt. Try to remember your full stops and capitals next time to help the reader understand your great ideas.

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