Wk10 The idiot robbers

The day was as boring as any other.Jim lovely father of 3 was in a financial crisis.Jim desperate called his buddy Ryan and they planned a heist to steal a million euros.So in the middle of the night they both snuck away from there wife’s and family’s.Then the two men got away with the heist. Jim said “were rich Ryan” then Ryan said “but where would we hide it all” Jim said “who cares”.So they suddenly became rich two men living in small houses to mansions.So the police Checked the fingerprints they matched the two idiot robbers got arrested and a grizzled cop said “crime never pays boys” then he laughed.

3 thoughts on “Wk10 The idiot robbers”

  1. Kia ora Caoilan. Wow! What a cool story! You have included some great words like ‘financial crisis’ and ‘snuck’, which add detail to your writing and make it interesting to read. I especially like the ending – “crime never pays boys” – very funny (and true!). Loved it Caoilan, keep on writiting.

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