WK 29 The spooky grave

I frantically ran trying to outrun the strange figure.I shouted hoping someone would hear me through the thick crimson misty graveyard.Suddenly the strange figure appeared hovering over a grave.He had a jet black face torn robes and a strange grin.Why did this have to happen on my birthday.I started to run again somehow beating this deadly being.Suddenly I got my leg caught on a bramble thorn.I thought “this is my end im doomed”.The strange figure hovered over me. “CUT” the director shouted as i failed to say anything during the scene “do it all again but try and put more character into it”.Well I guess it’s time for take 2

2 thoughts on “WK 29 The spooky grave”

  1. Hi Caoilan loved your story 😍really good my favorite part was strange figure well done 👍

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