Wk 18 the plastic army from china

once there was an army of soldiers made of plastic that invaded Sydney,Australia. They thought that they were the ancient clay army of China but they weren’t because they were plastic copies made in a Chinese workshop. “We are the Chinese clay soldiers of emperor billybob biscuits.” bellowed general blue as the army gathered to attack Sydney opera house. “No”said bogus hillybib.”you are plastic.” This made admiral red angry and he tickled bogus. “Now”commanded commander yellow “attack!” And they ran to the opera house to destroy it. There admiral red went to break a mirror but saw the “PLASTIC PARTS MADE IN CHINA” mark “oh” sighed admiral red and with that they went home.


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  1. Mathew I loved your story the best one I read so far (I read 3 stories) I enjoyed a bit of comedy action and other things in this story keep up the good work.

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