WK16: The Hand That Waved Goodbye

I first spotted it on a building one night and it was moving just slightly and I was terrified  so I told the news reporter I said it looked more or less like a hand, an evil hand.   They didn’t believe me.   So I researched this monster myself and I found out it was from Mars.   Since I saw this creature I always had the feeling that it was going to take over the world and I was right.   I tried to stop him but it is just to powerful  and as the sun starts to rise the hand waved goodbye and disintegrated and was nowhere to be seen.

5 thoughts on “WK16: The Hand That Waved Goodbye”

  1. Great story Ben I really liked how you told the newspaper and they didn’t believe you and how the hand was from mars

    Keep up the good writing
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    From Ben. C

  2. What an AWESOME story Ben! This hand is very mysterious…. I wonder where it came from, and I wonder where it went when it disintegrated? Lots of questions for the reader at the end of the story! Keep up the great work 🙂

  3. This story is really interesting. Really good job! Very mysterious… I want to know what happens next.

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