Wk 16: Donald Rump The Hand

Once in a world of hands there was an election and one of the people getting elected was called, Donald Rump he was a mean man. He somehow won the election everyone hated him. The Mexican hands were shocked that he was gonna build a wall blocking them from Handmerica. Donald Rump went on to be racist to other hands and playing golf. Donald Rump soon tried to build a wall (but failed), the Mexicans were happy and entered Handmerica every day. Donald Rump got really mad and moved to a different country where he could relax. Goodbye Mr. Rump

3 thoughts on “Wk 16: Donald Rump The Hand”

  1. This mean man reminds me a great deal of a real person who has the same mean characteristics! I WONDER who that could be Isaac!!!! This is a very good story, and a clever use of the prompt. Great work, well done!

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