WK12: Mission complete

I was in the kitchen making a delicious sandwich, after i ate it i felt more energetic and  had superpowers. An Angel dressed in white appeared out of nowhere and told me i had a mission to do. Off i went to complete my mission to find the infinite battery for the hospitals electricity because the  electricity   powered off and the hospital needs the  battery for the machines to work.  The infinite battery was all the way up Mount Dangerous, I quickly hurried up the the Mountain to get the battery when I got the battery I brought it back safe and sound to the hospital.


5 thoughts on “WK12: Mission complete”

  1. Hi Ben,

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could find an infinite battery to give us all the power we needed! I very much enjoyed reading your entry. It made me think about all the things that are possible nowadays, just because we have electricity (like saving people’s lives in hospital.) I thought you had varied your sentence starters very well (don’t forget your commas!)
    Well done, Ben! Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Ben!
    I liked how you used descriptive words. Such as, energetic and delicious. Did you know a juice called Gatorade also gives you energy when your being active? A silly connection, I have to your story is I also eat sandwiches for my lunch most of the time and they do give me some energy. Additionally, a question I have is how did you come up with the idea of your story? Also, something to improve on is to bold the words that yo were supposed to use and use them.
    Nice writing,
    Trinity in Illinois
    Checkout my blog!

  3. Hi Ben,

    I enjoyed reading your story. It sounds like you really helped the hospital, which is great, especially at Christmas. I wonder what the hospital staff said to you? Keep up the good work!

    Ms Mc Namee


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