WK16: Who Is This Creature And What Does It Do?

One day we were watching the television. Watching Big Brother normal day next minute?? . The television turned off. We looked at the cable outside. She saw a creature. This creature was not ordinary creature?. It was a hand with a face. He had a very big nose . Next minute then in the blink of an eye He was gone. Next day my son went to Tesco and saw a page saying wanted he looked carefully. He said to himself ohhh that is that hand that was up on my gutter . He went home and saw that creature on the gutter again he rang 911 the guards came the next minute. The creature got arrested he got cot right handed and we never had any bother again

5 thoughts on “WK16: Who Is This Creature And What Does It Do?”

  1. That must have been a very freaky sight to see Bradley! You were lucky to catch him “red handed”. I’m glad that you had no more bother after that. Good work, well done.

  2. You’re right Bradley. That was no ordinary creature! Sounds to me like Big Brother might have been spying on you in the form of that hand!

  3. Hi Bradley I like your story I like it really funny excellent job keep up the good work comment on my story.

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