WK 10:when we stole the bank

Hi I’m Roy I’m with my friends josh Ben and Ben 2. I’m really thinking of robbing a bank what do you think. So I have a plan that at 12 .30 at night just before it closing. Were going to hide in the toilet . At 1 o’clock at night we come out .and tight the janitor to a chair. In two weeks . I we nt to bed .two weeks later I told my mam I was going for a sleepover at Ben 2 house. 12 o’clock that night on our way to the bank .ohh I forgot to tell our town is poor . 12.30 in the toilet waiting for it to close its clear. Janitor took out one more thing to do Stella it .. it is done were wil we hide it all. What would you do .

3 thoughts on “WK 10:when we stole the bank”

  1. Hi Roy,

    What an exciting story! I think if I had stolen all the money I would stick it all to my walls and then put wallpaper over it…I think that would keep it safe until the heat died down!

    Thank you for entering the 100WC!

    Best wishes,
    Mel Wells (Team 100)
    Somerset, England

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