WEK9:splatoon ghosts

In World war 3 that Donald trump started in the year 2023 . Trump became president at 6 years ago in 2017 .20 million people died .it ended in 2030 trump got assassinated on New Year’s Day. the 20 million people who died every two years on New Year’s Day ghosts rised up every two years the ghosts pick a country to haunt and the ghosts leader Donald trump goes up in the sky the humans can,t see him he says what country he and the ghosts are gonna haunt but one craken/humans get a ink gun and ink bomb they scare the ghosts away this is not ghost buster world war 3 edition the craken name is splatoon

6 thoughts on “WEK9:splatoon ghosts”

  1. Hi bradley s I like your story your my best friend good story man really good awesome Bradley by dylan

  2. Hi Bradley,
    I really enjoyed your story this week. You’ve done a very interesting job with the prompt. You have been very creative and imaginative. Well done. I like how you have included Trump in your story. I hope we don’t get a world war.
    Keep up the great work.
    Ms Brennock

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