WEK7:Bradley Hunter

Bradley hunter had a dream he was playing for Manchester United . He was playing against Bose yesterday. 4-4 was the socore it was hunter socored 2 his friend Roy walker socored 2 . It was the best 2 goals he did .when they were young.Hunters mum and dad did not get along as the door slammed I knew Bradley knew something bad happened . Bradley walked out of his room his mom was there but his dad wasn’t there. Hunter was sacred he ask his mum were was his dad was she said he left the house. Hunter did not see his dad for so long to get over it he played football with Roy walker .it was the journey stared now

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  1. Hi ? my Bradley s loved your story the best part was about you and Roy well done ? great job

    -josh mrrussell.100wc.net

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