The Weird Story about someone eating a Cheeseburger by Eoin

Once there was a man called Peter, who LOVED cheeseburgers. One day, he went to Mac Cheeseburger (a fast food place) in his town, but he started to swell up. Everyone started to panic, put Peter had no idea what was happening. He just kept eating his tasty cheeseburger. He had no idea he was about to blow up. He finished his cheeseburger and ordered 3 more, but he was about to explode. Peter was in grave danger and he didnt even know. Peter ate 2 of his cheeseburgers, but blew up by eating too many  with the 3rd in his hands.

3 thoughts on “The Weird Story about someone eating a Cheeseburger by Eoin”

  1. Hello Eoin,
    Marvellous story this week. I really enjoyed reading it.
    This story reminds me a lot of the amazingly fun game called Pig goes pop. You feed the toy pig burgers with numbers. Whatever number is how many you have to pump on his hat. The game ends when someone pops open his belly by pumping the hat too much.
    Why didn’t anybody try and save Peter by slapping the burger out of his hands.
    Bye. Liam. Mrs Boyce’s class.

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