The Weird Looking Giant by Eoin

One day,a man named Pat,who lived in a place called Turkey Town,walked to the local golf club from his home.Pat eventually made it to the golf course,but there was nobody there.”That’s strange,” he taught to himself,”It’s usually packed with people.”He ventured around the golf course until he found a cave on the 16th hole.Pat looked inside and he saw a weird looking giant with a weird face and legs for hair inside the gigantic cave.He then ran away from the cave and found a golf ball with a C4 stuck to it.He then went back to the cave,took out his 5 iron and hit the ball at the giant,who exploded. THE END

3 thoughts on “The Weird Looking Giant by Eoin”

  1. Hi Eoin
    How scary to go to the golf course and find everybody missing! I think you very cleverly created an excellent sense of suspense in your opening lines which made me as the reader really want to read on and find out what happened. I have to say I wasn’t expecting the giant! That was a great twist in the story and a very good use of the prompt. Well done.
    Ms O’Keeffe
    100wc team

  2. Hi Eoin. What a great use of the prompt. I’m going to show this story to my husband. He loves to play golf, but I bet this story might make him a little bit wary . I didn’t see that bit about the giant coming. Well done.

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