WK7: Pooopy

I wock up in my room above a bar in Waterford city in Waterford in Ireland for English people Ireland is similar to England. Eny way I went to the hall met my brother in there and went into the bathroom as the door slammed I knew he was going to do a poo . Then mum came and sead love you for ever I sead ok I ran to school when I got to school I was happy l played with my friends in the yard I had of fun so that’s my lifeĀ 

3 thoughts on “WK7: Pooopy”

  1. hi kevin i loved your story it was super funny because it said as the door slammed i knew he was going to do a poo it reminds me of doing a poo i wonder is there more to that life of yours goodbye from liam Mrs boyce’s class

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