Week4-The Best Holiday Ever

  1. One day I was going on holidays I woke up all my bags were in the car. We went from Waterford to Dublin. I was going to Bulgaria Sunny Beach. We got on the plane. It was twenty minutes until takeoff we were so excited. 20MINUTES LATER. We heard noises coming from the engine. When it just wouldn’t take off. Soon the pilot said the flight will be canceled until tomorrow everybody on the plane was giving out. The next day we got back on the plane today the plane  took off and we had a great holiday the end

3 thoughts on “Week4-The Best Holiday Ever”

  1. Good job, Cian! I always meet plane delay, so I know what you would feel when you heard about the cancellation of flight. Keep on writing!

  2. This is quite interesting, and the tension really builds in the middle of the story! Great job!

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