Week18 horror attraction part 5

So the pale woman scratched me in face and there was a big bloody black mark on my face.So as fast as i can and slammed the door.And ran upstairs into my bed.About a year later I decided to go back in the basement and the scratch was almost gone away.So I took a deep breath and walked in and now there were multi-coulered men and they were standing looking me in the soul.One of them was whispering a weird ritual of some sort.I was shocked that the ritual that statue was saying was about me.I quickly ran out of there and again slammed the door.The next day I had school.Lateron we had to evacuate the reason why was shocking

2 thoughts on “Week18 horror attraction part 5”

  1. OOh Jake, I’d like to read the second chapter of this story.
    Do you think you needed to start your first sentence with ‘So’? Perhaps just ‘The pale woman scratched my face …..” The second sentence too needs a little editing. What about ‘As fast as I could, I ran upstairs, slammed the door and leapt into my bed.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jackie (Team 100WC) New Zealand

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