Week 5 ting

my ting is soft and cuddly lots of babies have them. It was given to me when I was a baby. it looked like a bunny and some people can not sleep without them.i love them so I can’t sleep without them .my cousin loves it too so we all know that there is a so cute I love them so much they in different shapes and sizes like POOP bears bunnies and apples it starts with T and ends in Y can you just get it

6 thoughts on “Week 5 ting”

  1. Hi Kevin I think it’s a teddy bear I hope it is I hope I guessed it well if I didn’t please tell me if I guessed it anyway I hope guessed it

    From your friend filip

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I think your thing is a teddy bear and I hope you write more.Please visit my story on hptss://mrrussell.100wc.net/My-Smart-Pet/

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  3. Good job completing your story this week Kevin. I think that your precious item must be your teddy bear! You’ve written such a good description I was able to figure it out. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hello Kevin. I think your Treasued Item is your Teddy. Isn’t it funny how lots of people love soft and cuddly toys. I think it’s because they’re so comforting to touch.

  5. Hi Kevin, it’s definitely your teddy. I agree that they are very precious. I always loved my teddy – and I still have him. He used to be bright orange, but he’s very faded now, and his name is Teddy!
    Great writing, well done.
    Ms Brennock

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