Week 3:The Loud Neighbor

One day I woke up because there was a loud noise from next door. So I looked out my window and my neighbor was banging a hammer of a bicycle. So I was desperate for some sleep. So I warned my neighbor to be quiet I am trying to sleep. I kept hearing the loud banging noise so I put my head under my yellow pillow. Then my mam and dad woke up and came into me and said “what is that noise”¿ I said “it’s the neighbor “. Soon my mam and dad went into next door and took the hammer off him greadily

2 thoughts on “Week 3:The Loud Neighbor”

  1. Well done and writing your story this week Cian. I have to agree with you you – there are few things more annoying than somebody banging when you are trying to have a lie-in! Well done again and keep up the good work

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