Week 3: The Noob That Loves Fish

Once upon a time there was a yellow noob named Fysh. Fysh loved eating and smacking people with fish. Once he got warned (because he was smacking people with fish) by the PoPo (Police Police). He was desperate about that. After, Fysh went on his fishy bicycle and called it the “fisheghini” I know it’s a stupid name but after he went to McFishys to get a Fish burger and fish chips. He greedily asked for more fish until he was fat as a fish. Fysh went to ride on hisΒ fisheghini but he couldn’t because he was as fat as a fish. So he just decided to walk.

Tha End 🐟


2 thoughts on “Week 3: The Noob That Loves Fish”

  1. Well done writing your story this week Michal. I think that there was something fishy going on in it!!! I laughed out loud when when the man was hit in the face with a fish! well done and keep up the good work

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