Week 3 the Greedy little man by Charlie

One day a greedy little man called Tom was so greedy he stole everything. His favourite thing that he stole was a yellow bicycle. He also stole a volcano! One day the people of the town were tired of Tom taking their stuff so they went to Tom’s volcano and said ” give us our stuff back” Tom said no and he warned the people but they didn’t listen for stop they charged his volcano full stop Tom was getting worried that they were going to lock him up in prison so he ran as fast as light but it was too fast and he fell in the volcano. He was so desperate he begged for his life and he gave all their stuff back

2 thoughts on “Week 3 the Greedy little man by Charlie”

  1. Well done writing your story this week Charlie. I think that maybe Tom learn his lesson and hopefully he won’t go around taking other people’s belongings from now on. Keep up the good work

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