week 3 druming boy


Hi my name is Zack . love playing the drum i even have my a druming.  class but i like also  going to some  bands there call Rock Stars. but i wanted to a party everything was fine but i bigs mistake of my life. i started dancing backwards  it seemed it was fine the people were  laughing at me so i ran have as i can out of the place. Zack ran into  some robbers then the robbers said this then they are you sure said the robber.

what the the point first off he zack said no im THE ROBBER SHUT UP

zack said ok sorry

then this man out of nowhere  take the 3 robber down . zack said thank  but the slap the man slap zack to sleep the zack open he ‘s eye he who was that guy all well the he sleeps again the end