Week 2 The school tour

It was nice sunny Tuesday morning.The kids were moaning because of what was going to happen. It was there school tour to the reptile zoo. They were looking forward to the zoo just not the bus drive.The bus driver was the WORST.He was a fat ugly farting burping anoying person.Even the teacher hated him but she tried to be polite.Once one of the kids climbed on to the top of the bus it was tricky bout worth it until he fell off that is.the kids made it out alive.they went into the mauve building.The bus driver went in aswell.The children were so tired of him they pushed him into the alligator

The end

3 thoughts on “Week 2 The school tour”

  1. Nice story Ethan,I liked the part when the the children pushed bus driver out the window .
    Great story very funny keep it up.

  2. Hi Ethan,
    I like the part when you’re description of the bus driver was funny. Brilliant story Ethan and keep up the fantastic work.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class (last year)

  3. That bus driver sounds like a nightmare alright Ethan – but maybe it was a bit harsh pushing him into the alligator! And anyway, who’s going to drive everyone home from the tour now?!!! Good work and well done on writing your first 100 Word Challenge story!

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