Week 2- Jimmy trump

Once upon a time there was a ninja named  Jimmy trump (there is no relation in mauve ugly American president). Many many many years later he decided to show donald whos the real trump . So he climbed trump tower and went in from the top. On 57 floor he so an aligator chillin in a pool with John cena and decided to bring john with him. And on the 21 floor he saw donald trump with a scorpions tale the teacher Labron James. So John cena crawled under the seat and RKO out of nowhere. But it was tricky because donald trump it is so fat

                                                                                    THE END.








2 thoughts on “Week 2- Jimmy trump”

  1. Hi Caoilinn,
    I like the part when you called the American president mauve and ugly. Keep up the superb work.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class (last year)

  2. I was worried that this might be a Donald Trump story at the start! I don’t usually agree with violence…. but an RKO on Donald Trump… that I’d like to see! Good work, well done Caoilinn!

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