Week 16 The Thing

One day I was moving to a house with my friends. I was going to a college out of town. I went to put the keys in the door but it opened before I put the keys in. When I looked I saw a hand on the door handle. When I blinked  it was gone. I waited for my friends to arrive but they never came. I was so scared, something hit me on the back of my head. I fell unconscious. I woke up a day later in the hospital. There was another hand on the floor.

6 thoughts on “Week 16 The Thing”

  1. Great story Peter I like how you woke up in the hospital and the thrill of another hand on the floor

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    From Ben C

  2. Hi peter the story was a bit creepy but I like the part when you fell unconscious but then saw a hand again.Amazing work Keep it up


    Carrington Waterford,Ireland

  3. Hi Peter
    i really lied your story it was very scarey i almost fell of my chair. I wonder how had the hand. Strat away i am moving out of that house love the writing keep up the good work.
    from Haylie.

  4. This is a very spooky story Peter – almost like a Halloween horror story! I wonder if the hand in the hospital is the same hand that was on the door handle… and I wonder if it was the hand that hit you and knocked you unconscious? So many questions! Great work, well done!

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