Waterfords All Ireland Dream by Eoin

One morning, Austin Gleeson was dreaming about Waterford against Kilkenny in an All Ireland final.The match just started and Waterford already won the ball,but soon started playing badly.Waterford eventually started playing well again,but the score was 0-15 to 0-09 to Kilkenny.A while later,Waterford brought it back to 0-22 to 0-20 with 30 minutes left. Eventually,Kilkenny scored a goal and hope for Waterford seemed lost,as the score was 1-25 to 0-22 to Kilkenny.But then,Waterford scored 2 goals in the last few minutes and Waterford won!But sadly,Austin woke up and realised it was a dream….Or was it?Austin turned on the television and,to his surprise,the man on the television said that Waterford DID win the All Ireland! THE END




5 thoughts on “Waterfords All Ireland Dream by Eoin”

  1. What a fabulous dream Eoin! Well done.
    I think many counties including my own county of Cork dream of beating Kilkenny in the All- Ireland. This year that dream came true for Tipperary.
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Boyce

  2. What an amazing dream Eoin! I think lots of people dream about winning big games but when they wake up it turns out that it *was* just a dream – but how cool for Austin that his actually came true! I’ll bet all of Waterford was celebrating! Great story, well done!

  3. Hi Eoin.
    I loved your 100WC this week. I love the way your team won. It was abreast win. I love watching and playing GAA. Do you? What is your favourite sport? Well done again Eoin.
    Jack, Mrs. Boyce’s Class, Cork.

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