.W15. Benny and the Red Bear.

In the beginning there was a dog called Benny and he was 6 months old Benny was just walking until he saw a red bear Ruff Ruff went Benny licking the bear. So having fun hi my name is max and I’m a red bear do you want to be my pet Ruff Ruff ok you are I will get you dog food here Benny let’s go and get dog food. Let’s go Benny you found it good boy I have a treat here you go it’s a biscuit bone Ruff Ruff ¬†catch good one Benny ok you go to bed now this is where your sleeping good night max Ruff Ruff that’s the end of the story Benny and the red bear the end.

2 thoughts on “.W15. Benny and the Red Bear.”

  1. Hi Dylan.
    Thank you for sharing your story with us. You have used some great speech in your story. I can imagine that you have a dog just like Ruff Ruff at home.
    Miss Rebecca
    Phuket, Thailand.
    (Team 100)

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