Wk 4: The unemployed mongoose and the diabetic buffalo

One day a mongoose was looking for a job. He could’ not find a job suddenly a fat buffalo struggling to walk came along the path. The mongooose saw the buffalo and said an Nigerian accient, ah ah what wrong with you busy walking like shakira, the buffalo replied in an jameaican voice I am eating to many sweets man I’m diabetic man. The mongoose replied ‘I don’t care now help me find a fine job. On they went looking for jobs. They arrived at the goose bar. And the dog was wearing glasses and said ‘what do you want in my bar. I’m looking for a job said the mongoose ok no problem

2 thoughts on “Wk 4: The unemployed mongoose and the diabetic buffalo”

  1. Your title alone had me in tears of laughter Benjamin! What a title!!! I’m glad for the mongoose that he got a job. I feel sorry for the diabetic buffalo though! God work, well done 😀

  2. Hi Benjamin,

    I like the way the monguse and the buffalo were speaking in Nigerian and Jamican accient and I hope you write more.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

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