Once apun a time there was a city called:CheeseFrown there was lots of mice there that LIKED CHEESE they went hunting for cheese ANYWHERE bathrooms,kitchens etc.. BUT anyways! once the mice found a lantern and thought there was cheese there instead of wax so they smashed it down and SET THE WHOLE CITY ON FIRE!
People tryed to put it down but the smoke kept on going and going GETTING BIGGER! so they finally made it quite and …as the smoke cleared… they SAW NO MICE the mice disappeared out of the town and still people hear mice checking everywhere-for-CHEESE!


  1. Those pesky mice! Always causing problems looking for their cheese!!! Maybe the townspeople could set some traps to catch them and stop them from stealing the cheese. Well done on completing your 100 Word Challenge during the mid term break! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Maksim,
    I’m not a big fan of mice so this story gave me a shiver down my spine!
    I was delighted that the mice disappeared!
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Boyce

  3. Hi Maksim. I really enjoyed your story. Great imagination and I love the name of your imaginary town ‘CheeseFrown’. I LOVE Cheese – one of my favourite foods, but I don’t love mice. In fact, I only had to set a trap in my parent’s garage two days ago to capture those pesky critters! – It worked by the way…

  4. Well done on your story this week. You’ve done a great job with the prompt. You’ve been very imaginative. I don’t really like mice but you know they prefer peanut butter and chocolate to cheese! I know because my daughter has pet mice!
    Keep up the great work.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

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