These ugly ugly people that make you blind and deaf

 One day outside a cafe on a nice fine fine day. There was a family that were very very ugly. That if you ever looked at them you would go blind and if you heard them talking you would go deaf I walked past them I looked at them I went blind then next Minuite they said to me are you ok wat happened. Then I went deaf. I could never ever see again and I would never ever hear again. The people were not allowed in public again so they could not do any more damage to other people

2 thoughts on “These ugly ugly people that make you blind and deaf”

  1. Hi Bradley! Thank you for taking the time to post on the 100 Word Challenge. What a scary thing to happen! A very clever idea. I wonder how the people were told that they were banned – someone would have had to go blind to find them. Your post was fast paced and you allow your reader to understand what is GOING to happen as the story unfolds. Next time, to make your writing even better, make sure you check your writing for punctuation and ensure it is exactly how you want it to read for your readers, before you hit the submit button. Well done! I look forward to reading more from you in the 100WC.
    Mrs. T. Wiltshire UK Team100

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