Twisted professor

One day a silly professor thought a class that were so rude .he wanted to give them to the pruple crocodile . so jimmy went of to the woods with the professor. To hunt for the wood we went back to the camp we got the wood had a nice relaxing night . Went back to school the next day. And so the class we had pe on a Friday the day was over  we all went on a class trip on a none school day because  professor thought that if he brought them on a trip they would behave but little did he now that there would  push him down the stairs to his doom

3 thoughts on “Twisted professor”

  1. I like the way the professor wanted to give the student to a crocodile and keep up the good work.
    Do’nt forget to put a capital letters.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  2. What a terrifying ending to your story Roy! The poor professor – what did he do that was so bad that the class would push him down the stairs to his doom?!?! I hope that they change their minds – the professor did bring them off on a trip after all! Good work this week, well done

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