The Tree Stealer by Eoin

One day, a giant from under the ground named Heinz, started stealing trees. He was grabbing the roots of trees and pulling them into the ground. But one day, his hand got stuck in the ground, but was slowly sinking into the underworld. I had to stop him, but I didnt know how to. I failed multiple times trying to stop him, but I finally made a Freeze Ray to freeze his hand in the ground.But the Freeze Ray was stolen by a squirrel (who was friends with the giant). But the squirrel betrayed the giant and froze his hand, and never stole trees again. (Well, he couldnt anyway!)

2 thoughts on “The Tree Stealer by Eoin”

  1. Well that was one way of stopping the Giant from stealing all the trees on the squirrels. The squirrel in this story sure got his revenge on the Giant and ensured he’d never do it again. Maybe he just pretended to be his friend in order to carry out his plans!

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