The traveling shop by Michael

In 2002 it was a beautiful day in NEW YORK there was a  shop        there.There were two people went into the shop they bought sweet they were brown they were worried they took out there camera and they took a picture they tried to leave the door was locked they were not happy then the shop was gone then it went some where else .They went into another place they were shocked they tried to go back then the two people got out of the shop.The shop went to another place they said where is that shop is going . Then the people came back

3 thoughts on “The traveling shop by Michael”

  1. Hi Michael
    This sounds like a science fiction scary story with the shop travelling around all the time. what was making it move? Was it an invisible force or was something playing tricks with everyone’s minds? I like how you used the word camera in the story to get evidence especially as the people in your story were clearly worried about being locked into this strange shop. I have visions of a shop appearing and disappearing and you’ve certainly left me with lots of questions. One little bit of advice! Don’t forget to read back over your story to make sure it reads okay. I tell my class all it takes is nano seconds to read back over it but I don’t know that they believe me. I keep trying though! Keep up the good work and keep writing. Well done.
    Ms O’Keeffe (team 100wc)
    Over her in Galway!

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