The Time-Traveller by Adam

Once there was a boy called Spike who wanted to be a time-traveller. When he told the other boys in his class they laughed at him. One day he sneaked in to the museum near his house without paying. He gingerly crept passed the guard. He discovered lots of remarkable statues and dinosaur skeletons. He saw some beautiful Egyptian masks made of yellow gold and scary looking weapons. He spent hours looking at all the amazing artifacts. Then he found an old phone box that looked exactly like the one in Dr. Who. However this phone box wasn’t a time machine and Spike was really disappointed. He decided that when he was older, he would really love to work in a museum because this would be like time-travelling.


2 thoughts on “The Time-Traveller by Adam”

  1. Hello Adam.
    I loved your story it was amazing.
    When i finished reading i thought that I would like to time travel too.
    This story reminds me of one of the Simsons series when Homer and Lisa Sneak into the museum to look at the Egiption artefacts because they are stayed for only a week.
    What time would you want to go back to ?
    Your sincerely Julius Miss Boyce’s class Kanturk

  2. What an excellent story, Adam – I think that it’s the best one that you’ve written too! I guess working in a museum is kind of like being a time traveller. What a cool job that must be, getting to work with history every day! Well done, this is a great effort. Keep it up!

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