The Wizard Village

Once apron a time there was a small village.This was not an ordinary one.It was a wizard village.You had to be a wizard to get in.There were wizards of every kind.Wizards with red,purple,orange and grey cloaks.One day a professer tried to get in.It was difficult to get in because there was a twisted crocodile guarding it.Day after day he tried.One day the crocodile wasn’t there.He got in.He lived there for a while.He got very lonely he brought his family.They lived happily ever after The end

3 thoughts on “The Wizard Village”

  1. Great story Peter. But I do wonder what happened to the crocodile who was guarding the wizard village? Did the professor do something to make him disappear? Wherever he went, I’m glad that the professor and his family lived happily ever after. Good work, well done!

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