WK8: The Wicked Woods

On Sunday me and my family went to the Wicked woods in Waterford.  There was a flame from the bon fire and then there was a big pool of blood and there was zombies swimming in it.There were ghosts dressed in all white .Then there was a big owl and a dog and a huge skeleton.Me and my sister love to celebrate Halloween it’s so fun. Halloween is different and thats why I love and at the end we went out with a bang literaly with fireworks. I loved The Wicked Woods it was so funny people dress up I would go again tomorrow

4 thoughts on “WK8: The Wicked Woods”

  1. Hi Josh,
    I enjoyed reading your 100 word challenge this week. Well done!
    The Wicked Woods sounds like the place to be this Hallowe’en. My lads would have loved it as well. I’m not so sure about their mother!
    Keep up the good work and well done for writing over the midterm.
    Mrs Boyce


  2. This sounds scary! I was confused until you revealed that this was a Halloween event; then I was relieved to know it was all in fun and not REAL zombies and blood and ghosts!

  3. Hi Josh,
    Great story! I liked your used of details to set the scene at the beginning. You painted a very spooky picture. I used to go trick-or-treating with my younger sister many years ago so I know how fun it can be.
    Michael (Team 100wc), Warwick, UK.

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