The ultra-car .

See the amazing ultra-car. It has something for everyone . But before I even tell you about that you must know about this . Here’s a Couple of celebrity comments on the seats .                                                                                    ÖzilThe seats the material felt like the most silky soft bed ever .             A random babyIt’ as soft as me .                                                                     So that’s the seats and that’s only the start. It self drives has built in H.D. T.V. with an xbox one and wii U . And I don’t need to mention the Infinite Snack bar or Anti-Gravity machine . And you thought your car was good . All only €999,999,999,999,999 in stores nation wide . And if you have time try to get #Ultra-car on Twitter .                                          

4 thoughts on “The ultra-car .”

  1. I think you might have a future in advertising Ed! This is a great ad that made me want this ultra car. And a nice touch to get an assist in advertising it from the legend that is Mesut Özil!! 😉 Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi seanmcs here
    This was a Nice story
    It reminded me of something I made
    I wonder what was the number
    Seanmcs ms Boyce’s class

  3. Ok that’s it! This is the car that I want to order for 2017! It sounds like an amazing piece of machinery. Not sure I could stretch to that price tag though Ed.
    Ah joking aside. You’ve told an excellent story and I love how you used customer quotes in a bid to promote this ‘Ultra Car’. All I can say is Arsenal must be paying their players far too much money if they can afford to buy one of these!!!!

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