WK16: The Ugly Hand

Once there was a hand so ugly And creepy that God didn’t even accept it to this world! But it’s journey was to become beautiful like me. So the Ugly creature had a human face with big lips and the creature was very frightening. So it’s journey was to find the magical youth fountain drink it like a slurpee.Then find the Ugly downanator use it you will look beautiful right what day was the downside if you couldn’t make it before sunrise then you would look ugly forever so when got to the fountain the ghoul realised he turned even UGLYEIR! He then realised he went to the fountain of UGLYNEISS!

3 thoughts on “WK16: The Ugly Hand”

  1. What a unique story Carrington! How unfortunate that he ended up at the fountain of ugliness… I wonder if he will ever become beautiful? Well done on writing your story* this week.

    (*try to use full stops to make shorter sentences and make it a little easier for the reader!)

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