The Twisted Professer

One twisted day a very powerful professor escaped from a high security prison. He was Mal. His parents named him that before they died. He was in rage. He decided to make a powerful mutant mixbreed. It was a combination of a crocodile and cheetah. He called it Crichee. It was a purple destructive rage-enduring speeding hybrid. It way to difficult to kill. It can decimate anything in its sight. He decided it was time to take revenge on the people that killed his parents. The professor had a mental illness. It was personality disorder. His second name is Josh and he found out HE was the killer…

4 thoughts on “The Twisted Professer”

  1. Great story Excel. You used some really fantastic words in there too, like “decimate”, “powerful” and “destructive”. Words like that make stories so much more interesting to read. Great work, keep it up!

  2. Hi Excel! A really interesting and unique piece. I like the way how you make the professor the scary one rather than the crocodile (or in this case, the crossbred mutant)! Your description is brilliant, and your use of double-barreled words is really well done (rage-enduring). Great use of grammar and punctuation, especially the ellipsis. The ending is a real shock as well. Keep up the good work!

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