WK9: The Twist

Once there was an huge self-alike creature which used to try and rule the city.But there was superman alike superhero who almost got turned into an ghost but in time he mistakenly time travelled to tomorrow.The first thing he saw was another superhero “but he was an ghost”?The superhero was a ghost?Anyways the superhero said”I will serve justice”he said in an manly voice.But the superhero was me?I’ve died and turned into a GHOST??I knew after I time travelled I.MESSED.UP.I died but as I watched the fight my (ghost or me)ghost used my laser eyesight and his ghosts popped and of nowhere and took me and lasered me almost but then I escaped and the non-ghost of me had been caught and then my ghost came and saved me and asked “who in the name of heck are you”???with a funny accent and I replied “you”


One thought on “WK9: The Twist”

  1. Hi Carrington loved your story and loved it so much and the best part was about the supper hero well done ?


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